Below are updates on 3 projects currently working thru development approvals   in the Shipyards:


  1. Collingwood Quay proposed by Fram Stokker,  recently  obtained Council approval for a ZBA  to permit smaller restaurant in different location.   Proposed 6 storey mixed use.


  1. Perfect World,  Larry Dunn developer,  3  six storey buildings which only need building permit.   One building will contain boutique hotel  with 40  five star rooms,  restaurant and spa on first  3 floors. Residential condominiums on floors  4-6  .The other 2 budlings will be mixed use  with condos on floors 2-6.   260 underground parking and 128  condos proposed.


  1. Harbour House,  developer Street Car who are also involved with the grain terminal project.    6 storey mixed use building with 130 condominiums and underground parking, appealed to OLT